European Motors LLC is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees, customers and visitors. However, we all have a duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of others and ourselves and to co-operate with the company in creating a safe working environment.

We recognize that our employees are our most important resources and we are committed to a target of zero accidents at our work place.

European Motors LLC will comply fully with the laws and statues of the Sultanate of Oman and apply more stringent standards and procedures where the company considers it appropriate to do so.

All employees, customers and visitors associated with European Motors LLC operation must be aware of the following:

  • The Health Safety and Environment policy is as important as other company policies.
  • Employees are required to work safely as a condition of engagement.
  • Accident and injuries are unacceptable.
  • Managing health, safety and Environment protection is everyone's responsibility.
  • All deficiencies should be identified, recorded and corrective action taken immediately.
  • All accident are preventable. In case an accident happens, it should be dealt with as specified in health and safety manual and at the same time it should be reported to Safety Officer.

This policy statement will be regularly monitored and communicated to all employees to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

European Motors is committed to provide a safe place of work and a safe means of access and egress within all parts of the workplace. Safe access and egress includes movement in and out of the workplace, and safe access within workplace.

Safety officer has been appointed in order to ensure health and safety is successfully managed within the organization and assists the company in meeting its safety obligations.

Health and Safety Department are to provide advise, guidance and support of health and safety matters, and act as the organization competent person in this respect.

Staff has received safety training in fire fighting and first aid to enable them to carry out their work without risk to the safety and health of themselves and others and to the environment.

European Motors is committed to ensuring that its health safety and environment system is effective in relieving or eliminating accidents and health problems at work including near misses.

European Motors believes that accidents are preventable and unacceptable, both in terms of the safety of people and damage and loss to company property. Accidents will be investigated to identify causes, and once causes are known, actions will be taken to ensure that, as far as possible, there is no recurrence. All accidents will be investigated, regardless of how minor they may be, because the deference between a minor and serious or fatal accident may be a matter of timing, reaction or good fortune.

European Motors is committed to take immediate action when there is any spillage or accidental release of substances, which by their nature are hazardous to individuals or damaging to the environment.

With an objective to manage each group of brands as a separate legal entity, create brand-wise responsibility and to ensure each brand is promoted to its maximum potential, European Motors LLC has been structured as an independent company managed with exclusive sales & marketing teams.

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